07 5 / 2012

By: Leonora Valvo, CEO, etouches

So just as we need to learn how to work with you —- you need to learn how to work with us!  And we, the very parents who raised you, are also the employers who value behavior and work ethic that we, perhaps, failed to teach you. 

Come closer and I will tell you a few secrets about how we really feel. 

  • we love it when you get to work early and leave late
  • we hate it when you think it is ok to miss ‘optional’ company events
  • we love it when you seem to be tuned in to the bigger picture
  • we hate it when you don’t take the time to double check you are spelling our names right
  • we love it when you follow up an interview with a call or email … or both
  • we hate it when you don’t use spell check

In short, we want you to pay attention to detail, understand that we worked really hard to get where we are, put your dishes in the dishwasher in the company kitchen, ask how you can help, show an interest in your future - and the company’s future. In short, make an effort.  If you do these things, you will go far. Because there won’t be many others like you. 

06 5 / 2012

By Leonora Valvo, CEO, etouches

Multi-tasking, not taking down time, type A.  All seem to be getting a bad rap these days. The ability to be connected, 24/7, is being questioned - is it bad for us (too much stress), does it make us less productive (no peaceful thinking time)?  So as I sit in my Virgin America seat to San Francisco, I find myself, as usual, bucking the trend. 

Cloud software and airborne Internet access have transformed my pre-flight time.  Before they were available, a flight at mid day on Sunday would have meant a stressful and total loss of my Saturday night/Sunday morning leisure weekend. Getting things done before I travel, making sure I have all of the files I need, putting final touches on my Monday morning presentation. 

With Docusign, Salesforce, Dropbox, etouches  and Virgin America, I was able to enjoy my wonderful family. See ‘The Avengers on Sat night, have a proper breakfast send off with my partner’s daughter going off to Culinary Institute for her first year of College, in short, make the weekend about ‘down time’.  I am a huge fan of ‘on demand’!